She began her career as a muralist in England in 1987.

 As from this date Johina has been painting murals mainly in England, France and Spain for private clients, international decorators, heritage buildings, The Royal Palace of Madrid (1738), Palace of El Pardo (1406), Royal Palace of La Granja Segovia (1721), Palacio del Marqués de la Concordia, Chateau Laussanac, embassies such as the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Swedish Embassy, luxury hotels, homes, private palaces and Castles, luxury resorts, Finca Cortesín (Marbella), restaurants, shops, etc.

She has directed restoration campaigns in heritage buildings and museums in Spain and Latin America, working regularly for international agencies such as la AECID (Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development) providing courses of restoration techniques and mural painting for National Heritage institutions of Cuba, collaborating with the Ministry of Culture from El Salvador, as well as with the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

She has developed projects sponsored by the UNESCO. Johina regularly works for decorating magazines such as Architectural Digest, Elle, Deco and Home and Country, designing illustrations, and backgrounds for stages, and has patterned fabric designs collaborating with Spanish textile companies: KA, Lienzo de los Gazules, packaging for Zara´s perfumes, painting stands at IFEMA (Fair Stands for Art and Antique dealers).

Johina is a muralist with a masters at Christie´s (London) cataloging and Art History.

 Degree in painting and wood restoration at CEROA Art School in Madrid, Spain (1992/1996).